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Winterization Services
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Winterization Services

Winterizing your vehicle is easy at AAMCO Tampa. Many of these services consist of simply replacing the fluids in your vehicle while some are preventative measures. Proper fluid levels especially the engine oil and engine coolant, along with your battery's condition, will make sure your vehicle is ready for winter.

In addition, keeping your windshield washer fluid tank filled with an anti-freeze treated fluid and also tire and brake inspections are essential for preparing for harsh winter conditions. Taking the proper precautions towards driving your vehicle this winter is a smart move and can help prevent you from getting caught in a potentially dangerous situation out on the road.

We here at AAMCO Tampa invite you to bring your vehicle in today for a free inspection of your systems and to have your vehicle prepped for winter. AAMCO has the expertise and the tools to maintain your car, truck or SUV and offers special winterization services designed to keep you and your car on the road even in the coldest weather.